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This is the Official website of The Mellow D's!

OK, I admit it.  I’m not a master at keeping our website updated.  Probably because I’m much more intent on being the best singer/songwriter/entertainer I can be, than on being a webmaster. 

We’re almost completely settled in Branson, Missouri.  All of the essential repairs and/or updates to our home have been completed.  Oh, we still have a few cosmetic things to do, and a few wish list items as well, but nothing that requires our urgent attention.

So we’re about to begin the process of becoming known as entertainers here.  With over 50 years of professional music entertainment experience behind us, we’re a great fit for this area’s entertainment needs.  We’ve already been approached by several influential folks here in Branson about having The Mellow D’s come to perform at their venues, so that’s pretty exciting.

This is a perfect area for our classic country and golden oldies music, as well as our good, clean G-rated humor.  Gospel music is also alive and well here, so we’re sure we’ll fit in nicely once folks here become acquainted with us.

So we’ve started the process, and based upon what we know about Branson audiences, we’re pretty excited about being able to get involved in the local music scene real soon!

I do a better job of updating our Facebook page, so look for Larry Doran there and check out my timeline and events for the most current activities.

If you’re interested in booking us for an event, simply call me at 402-363-9657 to check our schedule availability and rates.  Thanks!


Oh, my, where do I begin?  I took Karen to Branson for her birthday in September, and on our way back, she commented "I really had a great time.  You know, we love Branson so much, why don't we just move there?"

So... we did!!  Moving across country is a major upheaval, and converting this house into our home has been a real challenge and a LOT of work.  (Which is why I haven't kept our website
more current.

But we're almost there, and we've already met some great folks, we've become part of the local arts council, we've had inquiries about drama productions and musical performances, and we couldn't be more excited about the potential here.

Realistically, Branson has an abundance of talent, and they don't really NEED us; but we've been made to feel so welcome and have been accepted so willingly, we just know we're gonna fit right in here.

So stay tuned, we're getting closer to finding our way around, and then I'll be able to try to keep this website more current.

No, really, I WILL try, honest!  In the meantime, connect with me on Facebook at




Since my last update, we've been back to Knoxville, Iowa twice, then to Muscatine Iowa, and to Branson, Missouri, in addition to our monthly travels to Hastings, Grand Island, Lincoln, Columbus, etc. to perform our regular monthly shows.

As if that wasn't enough, we've also produced, directed and performed in a Melodrama at the historic old McCool Junction Opera house.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm excited to finally have my surgery scheduled!  Yes, I'm gonna have surgery to remove the cataracts from both eyes, beginning with my weakest eye, the left one. on October 10th.  Then they'll schedule surgery on my right eye.  Any surgery has risks, so I'll appreciate your prayers.  But I'm sure it will be fine.

Branson was an absolute dynamite trip!  It was Karen's birthday present, so I told her to select the shows she wanted to see.  I didn't intend for her to select them ALL!  In a week's time, we saw 16 shows!  And of course, there are no bad shows in Branson, they range from good, great, to terrific.

One of the best surprises was the Doo-Wop show downtown in a small, intimate theater.  It starred Derek Ventura, lead singer for The Drifters!  He hasn't lost a step, it was a great show, and I was surprised that I knew all of those great old songs by the Drifters, the Coasters, the Platters, etc., etc.

We've been so blessed to have such an active and enjoyable life.  But we're also blessed to have the chance to slow down and take a deep breath, and take care of some things like my eye surgery.

I hope you all are well and happy, and are able to look around and recognize how blessed you are as well.  Stay tuned...

I apologize for not providing an update sooner, but we've been running at full speed all year, and I've had to focus on our performances more than our website maintenance.  I'll try to do better, I promise.

We've been to Knoxville and Pella, Iowa, and had a great time at both places, pickin' and grinnin' and sight-seeing.

We met Jamie Dailey of Dailey and Vincent fame last week and gave him a CD of several of my original songs.  Don't know if he'll actually listen to them or not, but you never know.

Then we completed an unusual 2-hour performance for a truck driver's reunion at an Alpaca farm.  Nice folks, we enjoyed it, and they had a baby alpaca born just that morning.  He was full of spit and vinegar, running and jumping around like he knew how!

Don't forget to check out our music page to listen to some of my original songs.

We are available for almost occasion as our schedule permits, and we can tailor a performance to fit any audience, so give me a call at (402) 363-9657 to schedule a show!


What a wonderful response we've had to our shows throughout the year of 2016; we're already booked through the end of 2017!  We are so thankful that our music is being so well-received. 

We do have a self-imposed limit on the number of bookings we're willing to accept, but we do still have room at present.  Call Larry at 402-363-9657 to see if we're available to perform for your event!


We are Truly excited about our most recent Gospel song, written with Karen's help on melody and arrangement.  It's been getting a wonderful response!

To hear it, go to the bottom of our music page and listen to a conversation with God, titled "Lord, Are You Still Out There?"   We're really hoping it will touch you!


The Mellow D’s is the name of our musical duet consisting of myself, Larry, and my wife, Karen Doran.  We are honored by the demand for us as concert performers for reunions, festivals, shows, benefits, or any other events that can be enhanced by a fun musical show.  We perform for large venues or intimate settings for small groups, always in a family-friendly manner.  You can always know that you can bring Grandma, your children or your church leaders to any of our performances and they'll all enjoy the show!

Contact Larry at 402-363-9657 to lock in schedules and rates for your next event.  But don't wait, our calendar is almost as full as we can handle!

We are professional entertainers specializing in 50's and 60's Classic Country, Rock and Roll, and Celebration Gospel music.  A healthy dose of good family humor is always integrated into every concert performance.  Our performances are always designed to be fun and memorable.

We perform the music they grew up with and love, and present it the way Hank and Lefty, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and many others once did; pure and simple, with my vocals and distinctive guitar stylings, enhanced by Karen's sweet and seamless harmony.

We are SO proud to have been inducted into America's Old-Time Country Music Hall of Fame by the National Traditional CMA!  What a terrific honor!

We've also won significant awards from the Nebraska Country Music Foundation, the Avoca Country Music Festival, the Wahoo Country Music Show, and Country Music Fest, Inc.  That recognition includes such honors as Top Country Music Duet, Top Gospel Duet, Top Harmony Performers, Top Male Vocalist, and Top Songwriter, among many others.

In addition, I've signed a songwriting contract with Hilltop Records in Hollywood, California!  They have produced one of my original songs "John 3:16".  The song was professionally recorded on CD and distributed internationally!  It has received radio airplay and I've actually received a royalty check.  Good stuff!

This resulted in a sizable front-page article in the August issue of the Midwest Country News, and the York New-Times!  The articles were wonderfully written and included a glowing review of The Mellow D's as well.

The Mellow D's have performed on national television at the "Midwest Country" show on RFD-TV, and on telethons in Wichita Falls, Texas and in Kearney, Nebraska.

We've performed at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, on stage in Luckenbach, Texas, on live radio in Nebraska, and for music festivals and other events from Florida to North Dakota. 

Because The Mellow D's never repeat the same show twice in a row at any venue, we have developed a large following and by popular demand, we now have numerous regular monthly repeat engagements.

I admit to having a weird and irrepressible sense of humor that never fails to generate outright laughter.  That's the sound I love best because it ensures that audience has been both entertained and amused.  I mean, seriously; how can anyone believe there's such a thing as too much fun!

As Christians, we love to close every performance with songs of inspiration and joy, good old hand-clapping toe-tapping uplifting Celebration Gospel music to encourage and inspire their audience.

Ready to host a show and have a great time?  It's actually easier than  you might think.  Whether it's for a private party, a benefit, or a profit-making venture, I'll will be happy to demonstrate how easy it really is to put on a show, host a benefit, or entertain your family and friends, or any other group.

If you've got a 10' x 10' area for a performance with electricity available nearby, you've got the basic requirements covered.   We always provide our own sound system and instrumentation.  We're really very self-sufficient.

Substantial special discounts are available for church groups, senior facilities such as retirement communities and care homes, and veterans groups.

And even deeper discounts are offered for venues that agree to book regular monthly appearances! 

For schedule availability and rates, just give me a call at (402) 363-9657 or send me an E-Mail at

And please visit the Music page of this site to listen to some of my originals, and see how you can own their available albums on CD.

As a proud veteran of the US Air Force, we ask that we never forget to support our military forces and veterans.  They are in the forefront of protecting all of us and the liberties we all enjoy. 

God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless America!

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